Tips to manage bedwetting during the holiday season

BabyCenter Featured Expert

The holiday season is often filled with family, fun and excitement, but if your child wets the bed at night, it might be a little bit more challenging to get into the holiday spirit. Instead of focusing on holiday cheer, you and your child may be worried about how to manage nighttime wetting and concerned about how it may impact your plans. I’m here to help!

As a pediatrician, author and mom of three, I work with many parents and children to help find the right bedwetting management solution for their family on a regular basis. First, remember you are not alone — one in six kids in the U.S between the ages of 4-12 suffer from bedwetting, so it’s very common.

Bedwetting is characterized by unintentional urination during nighttime sleep. It can be the result of physiological factors and/or biological factors, which can lead to varying levels of emotional and psychological stress for both you and your child. For your son or daughter, this stress can turn into embarrassment or shame which may hurt their self-esteem and confidence long-term. These emotions in particular can be heightened during the holiday season.  Therefore, remember to always comfort and reassure your child that this is a normal, temporary condition that doesn’t have to negatively impact the holidays.

Since routines are often disrupted during the holiday season, here are some quick holiday bedwetting management tips to help everyone in your family have a better night.

When staying with family or friends:

If your child is comfortable with you sharing, talk to your loved ones ahead of time and discuss the bedwetting at length before the visit.

  • Provide them with information about bedwetting to help explain what it is and that it’s no one’s fault.
  • Remind family members not to speak about the condition in a negative way or present it as something your child should be embarrassed about. Ask them to instead keep conversation positive and supportive.
  • Encourage compassion from the rest of the family. It will go a long way toward reducing your child’s bedwetting stress.
  • If your child isn’t comfortable with you sharing that they wet the bed at night, be sure to talk to them ahead of time and develop a bedwetting management plan so that they feel better about the trip. Arrange a specific place to store GoodNites Underwear and a spot for your child to change into a new pair should they need to.
  • Be sure to allow your child plenty of time to settle in at night and try to keep their nighttime schedule the same as when they’re at home.

When staying at a hotel:

  • Give your child a choice and ask if they would like to sleep in their own bed instead of sharing with family or friends. Let them tell you what makes them most comfortable. A fun alternative to help put your child at ease would be to bring a sleeping bag for each family member and have a “camp out” in the hotel room.
  • Pack a few GoodNites Bed Mats as they will protect the hotel’s bed sheets and give you and your child a little piece of mind.
  • Even though travel can be stressful, stay positive and remember to talk openly with your child. Ask them how they are feeling about the upcoming trip. Be sure to reassure them and convey that you will manage their bedwetting together.

When hosting out-of-town guests:

  • Again, if your child is comfortable, have an open dialogue about your child’s bedwetting with any out-of-town guests in advance of the stay.
  • Before guests arrive, make sure to prepare a sleeping place for them that is separate from your child’s.
  • Keep your child’s nighttime routine as regular as possible.
  • Remind siblings to respect your child’s privacy and not discuss nighttime wetting in front of guests.

Keep these tips in mind when prepping for the holiday season and every night with your child. With a little optimism and planning, you and your family will have a wonderful, stress-free holiday season!