The Dr. Taz Show: Tips for Raising Healthy Kids

Technology Create healthy habits surrounding technology. Place limits on when and where your kids can access devices. This varies from family to family, but a good rule of thumb is to ban screens/interruptions at the dinner table and an hour before bed. Don't sit your toddler down in front of a screen. Kids learn and thrive the best when they "play" with real, 3D toys. As they get older, educational programs are fine in small doses. Elementary schools are starting to use devices like iPads within the curriculum. Physical play is still essential, so schedule it if needed.  Nutrition Don't single out picky eaters (or alternatively, really good eaters). Be a role model with your own healthy choices. Understand how important breakfast is. Your kids have a long day ahead, and you don't always know what they're eating for lunch. Be prepared for that healthy breakfast. Set the table and the menu the night before. Don't cater to pickiness; one child can pick the menu one day, another can pick the next, etc.  Sleep Over-scheduling has made it challenging to balance sleep and activities, but kids need downtime to unwind before they go to sleep. Have a sleep routine, or good "sleep hygiene." Have them read instead of watching TV or being on the computer.

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