Who's Job Is it Anyway? - Caring for New Moms Physically and Emotionally

Having a new baby is a joyful time or that’s what everyone tells you it should be,right?  However according to the CDC 1 in 9 women have reported postpartum depression and even more have some lesser degree of anxiety or depression. This can be debilitating to new moms but also have a negative impact on newborns such as failure to thrive, breastfeeding issues, cognitive and developmental concerns, sleeping problems to name just a few. Pediatricians are now asked to do formal screenings at the well baby visits to see how mom is adjusting to motherhood.  I think it’s an important aspect of care for both baby and mom. I have always considered my patient relationships to be a triad between all three  (baby/ mom/ physician) But when concerns regarding mom’s health are uncovered who takes over from that point? , We need to find easy access and availability of trained therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists who are experts in dealing with pre/ postnatal issues to help moms get back on track and for the health of the baby too.