Potty Training -Helpful Tips for a More Positive Experience

Potty training is an important milestone to many parents. It often signifies a huge leap of independence when a toddler knows when and how to use the toilet by themselves.  It's also a big relief not to have to buy diapers anymore!. But as a pediatrician in practice for so many years there is no "right " age for this toilet training to happen. I would say on average here in the US its most often between 2-3 yrs of age. But each child is unique and even if physically able to undress and go sit on the potty or hold in their urine for a few hours they may not be emotionally ready or even just too busy playing to make running to the toilet a priority. Parents please don't stress, potty training is not a contest. I promise eventually it will happen. When you feel you and your child are ready for the process my best advice is to be persistent , consistent and positive.  Read on in this article where I share some more potty training advice : http://www.rashtiandrashti. com/parentscorner.asp?id=96