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Becoming a parent is simultaneously the most exciting and terrifying  time of your life.

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You need an all-in-one tool that you can reach for when it’s too late to call your doctor.
You need one source of information you can rely on to be accurate and reliable the moment you need it. 
You need something you can reference even while you’re holding a screaming baby.
You’ve NEVER done this before! Put someone in your corner who HAS.

I’m Dr. Jen Trachtenberg, board certified pediatrician, fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, owner of a 20-year-old private practice, and mother of three.

You know what’s best for your family - so you’ll never hear a judgement from me about anything. I’ll provide the most accurate information, and it’s up to you how you handle it. Just as it should be.

Get the information you need to feel confident and secure in your new role as a parent.