Becoming a parent is simultaneously the most exciting and stressful time of your life.
And that’s an understatement.

The day you bring your new baby home, you are the first and last link to their survival. Your doctor is gone. Your nurses aren’t just a call away anymore. You alone must decide how to care for your child.

Of course, you can turn to your parents, your in-laws, your friends or the litany of parenting books out there for advice. Every single one tells you something different and everyone claims that their methods are the best. At the end of the day, you’re the last wall between the outside world and your child. You have to make the final call and it’s almost never easy.

This so-called “advice”, however well intentioned can be overwhelming, confusing and sometimes, it’s just not right for you or your baby.

  • You’re suffocated by your well-meaning neighbor, trying to shove her “secret” formula blend (full of who knows what) into your hands.

  • You haven’t slept for more than 3 hours at a time in the last two months and you’re pulling your hair out trying to determine if that’s normal.

  • Your new baby refuses to drink out of a bottle - you’ve tried everything you’ve read, nothing’s working and your patience is tapped out.

  • Every time your baby’s temperature hovers above 99° a huge lump lodges itself in your throat and you have to resist the urge to jump in the car and hightail it to the emergency room.

  • Your newsfeed oscillates back and forth between articles telling you vaccines will cause autism and ones that tell you they’re completely harmless.

You’re a new parent. You’re sleep deprived, it’s been three days (!?!?) since you last showered and the “routine” you planned before your child was born went straight into the trash. You don’t have the time to sort through all the information being thrown at you.

  • Imagine that you had a definitive, accurate, trustworthy source of information on how to care for your new baby.

  • Imagine that you had a filter at your fingertips, so you can fact-check the unsolicited advice, trending child-care tips, or old school parenting tricks swirling around you.

  • Imagine not having to flip through a ten pound encyclopedia (while holding a screaming baby) to find what you need right now.

  • Imagine having the peace of mind that’s been escaping you in one, easy to use package.

You need the ultimate parenting cheat sheet: Pediatrician in Your Pocket.

As scary as this new adventure you’ve taken on is, you’ll never felt a more intense love than the what you have for this tiny person you created. You would jump in front of a bus in a millisecond to protect your child. You’d even push your partner in front of that bus if it meant your baby would be safe!

You cannot afford to mess this up, your child’s life is WAY too important.

This all-in-one tool is for new parents, just like you, to reference whenever you have a question about how to care for your child. It has medical tips co-signed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, with a real mom’s touch for when the generic doctor-approved answer doesn’t cut it.

Pediatrician in Your Pocket will give you:

  • Expert parenting advice delivered in bite-size 5-minute videos, so you get the information you need fast.

  • A simple reference guide that goes into detail on everything item covered in the videos, for when you want some depth.

  • Access to the private Facebook group where you can connect with other new parents and have direct access to me, plus first dibs on special events and free giveaways.

The days of dusty, bulky parenting books are over. When you know that the answer to streamlining your baby’s bedtime routine is s simple as one click and a video clip, you can finally take a deep breath and know that someone has your back.

My colleagues tell me all the time - all highly credentialed pediatricians - that the first moment they held their child, they almost forgot their medical training! When I had my son it was the same.  

  • You’re terrified of making a mistake.

  • You don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

  • You don’t want to be the person that freaked out over random cough or sneeze.

  • You’re embarrassed to ask your doctor about a disciplinary tactic.

  • You feel helpless, corned - like you’re inconveniencing your doctor, your family and your friends!

Pediatrician in Your Pocket is your answer! This is the end-all, be-all of early childhood parenting guides. For the first two years of your child’s life, you can use this manual to answer practically every question you’re going to have.

Pediatrician in Your Pocket will present you will all the options available to you, give you the most recent medical data on the subject, backed up by my experience as a mother. The choice on how to use that information is up to you, as it should be.

Get a doctor on demand with videos designed to feel like I’m there with you, in my office for a consultation - from the comfort of your own home. I will never tell you how to raise your child - in that case, you’re the expert.

You’re getting medically based parenting tips, from a qualified, trustworthy source, like:

  • What to do when your baby is keeping you up all night

  • How to prevent food allergies with deliberate feeding practices

  • How to baby proof your house without feeling like you’re living in a padded cell

  • The definitive truth about vaccines, from a medical, scientific perspective

  • Tell tale signs of common illnesses and a practical guide on how to respond

  • Fever? Nonstop crying? Something strange in your baby’s diaper? Know when to head to the ER and when to stay home.

You have urgent, non-medical questions and you don’t know who to turn to. You’re anxious that you’re burdening your friend who’s a new parent too. You’re worried you’ve already exhausted your parents, your neighbors and your in-laws with questions. Embarrassment creeps up on you every time you pick up the phone to call you doctor (for the 4th time in two days).

You don’t have to stress about this anymore. Pediatrician in Your Pocket will be there for you so you never run out of options.  When it’s 4AM and your baby won’t go back to sleep - after you’ve rocked, you’ve swaddled, you’ve fed and it’s way too late to call your doctor,  you can click open the video you need and get your answer ASAP.

You’re a new parent! You’re not going to have all the answers,
so don’t pass up on a chance to get advice directly from someone who does.

Get your copy of Pediatrician in Your Pocket right now!

You can’t afford to get bad advice on how to care for your child.
This video guide will help you get it right, fast, the first time.